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Clickbank Wealth Formula Review

Anik Singal and Saj P. Release Clickbank Wealth Formula… is it any Good?

Who are Anik Singal and Saj P.?

Anik Singal Clickbank Wealth Formula

Anik Singal

I’ll spare you the long bio of Anik Singal and Saj P. except to say they both make their living online and are quite successful at it. The ClickBank Wealth Formula system is the exact system these two twenty-something’s use to net millions online every year.

Now to be fair, they have both been doing this for many years. Anik is the founder and runs Lurn Inc., which was named the #2 fastest growing education company in 2009. He was also named in the Top 3 Entrepreneurs Under 25 by BusinessWeek Magazine in 2009. To say he is renowned in the internet marketing learning community would be an understatement.

Let’s see if they deliver…

What is Clickbank Wealth Formula All About?

Well, like the title says, it’s about making money on Clickbank (for starters). One of the things made very clear in the course is Clickbank is just a starting point. You can use any affiliate program, CPA network, eBay, Amazon, Allposters, etc. with this system. A main point of the course is to give you a blueprint to follow. But the next piece of that is: A blueprint that allows you to start with next to no up-front cost. That’s where the Clickbank part comes in.

ClickBank Wealth Formula consists of 10 modules that show you, step-by-step, how to start making money on Clickbank. Another major point that I believe sets this course apart from many others: It gives you a method of making money that is consistent. That is, you can use it and continue to use it for years – just like Mr. Singal and Saj P. do. It’s not a fad that will burn itself out in a few months.

Each of the 10 modules is divided into a series of videos to make it easy to follow. Having gone through the course myself, I can tell you the information is extremely easy to understand and digest.

What’s inside the Clickbank Wealth Formula Course?

I want to show you what is in each module so if you decide to grab this, you know exactly what you’re getting (hopefully they won’t find out I am giving you so much info about the course before you have purchased it!).

Module 1: Introduction – Getting Started the 3-Day Way (5 videos)
This module introduces you to the course and what it’s about. It defines the various parts and types of affiliate marketing. This sets the stage for your understanding of the rest of the course.

Module 2:The Mechanics (2 videos)
In the second module, you learn about what you need to get started making money using the Clickbank Wealth Formula. They show you which tools you need, why you need them and how to get them for very little money.

I should say that they stress throughout the course that you can get started with less than one hundred dollars. I like this a lot – what other sustainable business can you start for only a hundred bucks?

Module 3: Picking the Power Niche (6 videos)
This module is all about selecting a subject area (niche) that will be profitable. The videos show you how to go through the selection process and come out with a winner every time. But that’s not the best part. The best part is that this method is free and fast. No spending countless hours or days doing boring research.

Module 4: The Fast Website Process (6 videos)
Module 4 shows you the type of website you need. Now if the thought of having to design and code your own website makes you take a step back, wait. This section walks you through exactly what you need to set up your page, how it should look and even how it should be worded. They completely hold your hand and walk you through each step.

Module 5: Create a Sales Machine (7 videos)
Creating a sales machine is about how you set up your automated business to bring in profits year after year. If making money online were simply about cranking out mindless advertisements, everybody would be a millionaire! You learn exactly how to communicate your offers to prospective customers. This section also shows you how to build relationships with your customers. Getting the trust factor is a key to driving sales (and repeat sales!).

Module 6: Lock and Load – Let’s Make Some Money (4 videos)
Now that you have the tools and the basics, this module shows you how to start making money. You learn how to evaluate products and merchants that you may want to promote. It is a good continuation from Module 3 because it brings you from your niche one step deeper into products that fit that niche. I think the most valuable lesson from this section is avoiding a common and potentially devastating beginner mistake. You learn how to pick good products that sell instead of lousy ones that won’t. Good products can be hard to pick, without a guide.

Module 7: Using Words to Sell – A Lot! (2 videos)
If having to write makes you want to run screaming, don’t worry. This section shows you exactly how to make it a painless and fluid process. They show you what words to use that will get people to buy.

Module 8: Making $15,000 in 24 Hours (6 videos)
I personally always see these types of claims and think “yeah, right!” In this module Anik breaks down the math of it to show you that it is possible. You most likely won’t make this right out of the gate (I don’t think anyone does). However, it will easily be within your reach after seeing these videos. Once you’re armed with this info, and do the small amount of work to make it happen, you can make serious money.

Module 9: Starting Massive Traffic (10 videos)
Obviously, if nobody sees your website, they can’t buy. You need traffic – the more the better. This module details multiple ways to get a flood of free traffic to your page. These methods require some time and effort, don’t get me wrong, but it is easily manageable. If you are willing to do it, the potential for traffic is enormous. My advice is to become good at a few at a time, so you know how each performs for your site. Each method will bring you traffic (some of them I already use, so I can tell you with certainty they work). Some work better than others for different niches. They cover that too.

Module 10: Instant 238% Increase in Income – Insider Secrets (5 videos)
A lot of internet marketing “teachers” claim to give you their secrets but don’t deliver. I can honestly say, there are at least 3 things in this section that I did not know and will be implementing in my own business.

Free Bonuses:
You get some great bonuses with this course. Unfortunately, I can’t tell you exactly what they are because they ask students not to reveal them. What I can say is they’re really good. One deals with generating traffic and reputation at the same time. Another deals with using simple videos to hugely increase your sales (without having to be a video expert or spend a ton of money on it).

Overall Rating of Clickbank Wealth Formula gives Clickbank Wealth Formula 4.5 out of 5 stars. I do think they could have gone into a little more detail in some parts and a little less in others. However, if you are new to affiliate marketing and want to start making money with Clickbank, this course delivers exactly what it promises. With the bonuses, it over-delivers.

Clickbank Wealth Formula Highlights:

  • The course overall is easy to follow for those who are new to affiliate marketing
  • Videos explain the subject matter clearly and effectively. No fluff or bragging.
  • Starting out does not require a huge investment and has little to no risk
  • This system gives you a complete step-by-step blueprint to a sustainable business model.
  • This system can (and should) be automated, saving tons of time.
  • The authors actually use this system – they practice, and profit from, what they preach.
  • The free bonuses that come with the course provide you a tremendous value.

Clickbank Wealth Formula is a great way to start out in affiliate marketing. The authors back up their training with a 60 day, no questions asked money back guarantee. Personally, I believe you’ll truly benefit from this course and I recommend it. Remember. as with anything else, it will only work if you take action.

Clickbank Wealth Formula

Click this link now to check out Clickbank Wealth Formula for yourself.

Thank you for sticking with me and reading my ClickBank Wealth Formula review. I truely hope it helps you.

When It’s OK to Copy

Copyright Lines Can Be Blurred by Social Media, Video Sharing and Affiliate Programs

With the advent of photo sharing websites like Flickr and video sharing sites like YouTube, the lines of copyright have blurred slightly. These types of websites have links that allow you to add their content to your own sites for the purposes of sharing it with your visitors.

Is this OK? You bet it is! As long as you give credit and don’t claim the work is your own, you’re all set. That’s what social media and (legal!) video sharing websites are made for! The big but, however, is that the photos or videos have to be user created or submitted. That user can be an individual or a company. But, you can’t grab copyrighted works that have been illegally shared. If a person posts an episode of the television show Lost, that belongs to ABC Television, not the person who posted it, so you should steer clear.

It is OK to use works in the Public Domain without asking permission. It is good form to always cite your source, but you can copy without fear of being sued. Remember, however, that just because something does not have a copyright notice printed on it or was posted on a blog somewhere does not mean it’s public domain.

According to the Copyright office (and available on Wikipedia as well):

Myth: The lack of a copyright notice means the work is public domain.
Not usually true. United States law in effect since March 1, 1989, has made copyright the default for newly created works. For a recent work to be in the public domain the author must specifically opt-out of copyright. For works produced between January 1, 1923 and March 1, 1989, copyright notice is required; however, registration was not required and between January 1, 1978 and March 1, 1989 lack of notice is not necessarily determinative, if attempts were made immediately to correct the lack of notice.

Opting out of copyright is something that has taken shape in different ways on the internet. Multiple types of licenses exist on the internet that allow reproduction with or without restrictions.

The various forms of the Creative Commons License allow for using the published work to varying degrees within your own creations. This typically requires a citation of the original creator. There are also multiple types of software licenses that function along the same lines. The bottom line in this case is to always look for copyright information and/or always read the license.

Affiliate programs are an interesting work-around to copyright rules. If you belong to an affiliate program, you have permission to show an image on your website of the product you are promoting. While you don’t have a license through the original creator to display this image, you usually have permission through your affiliate agreement to show product images so you can promote them.

For example, if you are an affiliate of a poster site, you can show any of those posters on your site – including copyrighted art. The rule is usually that while you can show an image of the product, you can’t (a) show an image by the same artist that the company does not offer in poster form, (b) display an alternate rendering of the image that is not identical to the product being promoted and (c) use any part of the images in your logo, website design or unrelated promotions.

That is just one example, but you can apply that reasoning to other types of affiliate promotion as well. For instance, if you are doing media buys or banner advertising, this is how you are able to display the banner containing, let’s say, the Netflix® logo.

In the next copyright article, I’ll show you a huge time and money saver that is designed for you to copy.


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