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IX Webhosting Coupon Codes

IX Webhosting Is Celebrating Their New Website

IX Webhosting just launched their brand new website. To celebrate, they have lowered the price of their most popular hosting plan to $3.95 per month. How do you take advantage of this offer? Simple – just visit IX Webhosting and sign up… that’s all you have to do to get this phenomenal deal.

There is also a secret link somewhere on the IX Webhosting homepage that will get you an additional 20% discount on your hosting first hosting term (applicable to new customers and applies to 1, 2 or 3 year billing only). They want visitors to find it on their own, so I’m not going to tell you exactly where it is, but I will give you a hint: it’s where other small navigation links are typically found.

They could change these discounts at any time. If you’re interested in IX Webhosting as your next webhost visit IX Webhosting today to jump on these deals.

Ongoing Hostgator Coupon Codes

Gifts From The Best Web Host Out There – Hostgator!

One thing I love about Hostgator is that they automatically include their current coupon code (usually 20% off your first month of hosting) in your new hosting order. You don’t have to search for it or type it in – it automatically appears after you select your billing cycle.

The 20% off coupon can be used by new and existing customers. It only applies to new orders, and only includes the months of hosting (not domain registrations) that are part of your initial order. If you sign up for more than one month on the shared plans, they actually do discount all of the months. How cool is that?!

We have a great Hostgator coupon code for visitors!
The coupon code is MYMULTIHOST and it takes $9.94 off any new hosting purchase by a new customer.

Hostgator Hosting for a penny?

The MYMULTIHOST Hostgator coupon code gets you your first month of their Baby hosting plan for only a penny. This lets you try Hostgator risk free and it’s a great deal. There is no catch either – you get all of the features offered in their Baby shared hosting plan, including the 45-day money-back guarantee on your penny. Just remember to enter the coupon code at checkout (this one is not automatic!).

This is just one of the many, many reasons Hostgator is our top rated host. Check them out today for only a penny for your first month of hosting!

My Newbie Web Hosting Mistake

What I Didn’t Know About My Webhost Did Hurt Me

When I first started out online 8 years ago, the entire hosting landscape was different. Multiple domain hosting (or unlimited domain hosting) was only offered by a few providers. It was more expensive than it is today. To even have multiple domains, there was a good chance you would end up with a reseller account.

After doing (what I thought was) good research on available hosting companies, I decided on a multiple domain shared hosting plan. Now, I’m not going to name the company because the plan has changed greatly since 2002. So while the plan may not exist anymore, my experience is still just as relevant today as it was then.

Overall, this host was just as good as I thought. My websites loaded quickly, they had good customer support, my site was rarely down and they had all of the features I needed… so I thought.

When I went to put up my second website on a new domain, I went through cPanel and set everything up. It worked fine, until I got to the email. You see when you register for unlimited domain shared hosting, you start with a primary domain. Add-on domains are just forwarded subdomains of your main domain.

Let’s say you have and, where is your primary domain. The world will see these as independent domains. Your server sees your add-on site as, which is a subdomain of your primary website.

How does this relate to email? Well, as it turned out, all of my emails could only be sent via my primary domain. Even though I could have an email account for each domain, they were receive-only – except for email accounts tied to my primary domain. Email for add-on domains were really just forwarding accounts that used my other domain emails as email aliases of my main domain accounts.

Cutting through the jargon, I could send and receive email using I could receive email using If I needed to send email, it would always be sent from That means I didn’t have independent email accounts for each of my sites.

Imagine having 2 different businesses that are completely unrelated (like one about computers and the other about specialty cheeses) and trying to use the same email address for both. It was horrible! I had to resort to using a hotmail address for outgoing mail on my second website. It looked unprofessional and I’m sure it cost me some business.

Needless to say, this didn’t last long and I left the host. Upon further inspection deep in their operating agreement, I found the statement (convoluted with legalese and industry-speak) about the email. Man did I feel dumb. Not to mention the hassle of transferring my sites to my new host.

That’s why it’s so important to know what you need in a host and do your homework to make sure they have it – even if it seems like a picky little thing. I know I’m opening myself up to get ragged on here, but what do you think about this? Have you had any similar experiences? (I’m sure I can’t be alone on this, but hearing your story would make me feel better!)

The Key To Web Hosting Success

The One Key Characteristic Your Webhost Must Have If You Want A Successful Website

There is one thing that you must have in a web host, no matter what level of hosting you need. This key component is not advertised on their websites and you won’t find it in their FAQs or knowledgebases. Some reviewers may even gloss over this critical element.

What is this cornerstone to a quality web host? Reliability.

Some may call this uptime, others may say it’s website load time and still others may say it’s control panel functionality. The truth is it’s all of these things.

When I say reliability, I mean that a good web host must:

  • Have an uptime guarantee of >99% and stand behind it (it’s one thing to make the claim, but it’s a whole other thing to live up to it!)
  • An average website must load quickly (but don’t blame the host for slow load times if you have a huge page with 50 full size photos, a bunch of video or tons of scripting!)
  • Your hosting control panel should be available >99% of the time and not break or be overly sluggish.
  • You should be able to upload files to your account via FTP quickly and easily. (A 25kb HTML page should upload in a few seconds or less over a broadband connection using an up-to-date computer. If it takes minutes, something is wrong.)

Downtime just plain hurts. Whenever your site is down, that’s time you won’t be making money or getting visitors. Now, we have to be realistic about uptime. A 31 day month has 44,640 minutes. If a host guarantees 99.9% uptime, on average and at worst, your site will be down 44 minutes and 39 seconds per month.

A more typical scenario, however, is that a [good] host will have 100% uptime most months and end up with about 2 hours or less of outages across a given year.

On the other hand, excessive downtime can kill your business. It’s not just that your site is unavailable for potential customers. Your site could start to gain a reputation for being unreliable. This can be especially damaging to an ecommerce site. Who wants to give their credit card number to a site that goes down at random? It would make you look unprofessional and drive away business. The same is true for consistently slow loading pages (always make sure nothing on the page itself is malfunctioning!).

So what can you do to prevent this? It’s all about reputation. Read reviews. Visit sites that are hosted by the host you are looking at and see how fast they load. Look at their terms of service to see if they stand behind their uptime guarantee.

All nine hosts that made the top web hosting quality list have independently measured 99.95% uptime or better – five of the nine have independently measured uptime of 99.99%.

Do you have any uptime horror stories to share? Have you used any webhosts who didn’t live up to their reliability guarantees?


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