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The Best PHPList Hosting

Below is a list of the webhosts that provide phplist free with your hosting account. When using phplist in a shared hosting environment, be sure to read your web host’s policy on email send limits. There is typically an emails-per-hour limit to prevent spammers from using their services and getting their shared IP addresses identified as SPAM origination points and banned from major networks. That is what makes the quantity and domain throttling and scheduling features of phplist so important.

Remember, those limits are for all emails, not just your lists. You should always set your list at least 50 emails per hour below your host’s limit so you can perform normal emailing without service interruptions. If you have or are looking for VPS hosting, it is likely you won’t have any limits, but it is best to check their policies anyway since you are still sharing a server. With dedicated server hosting, you don’t have any email send limits.

If you are looking for a mailing list system where you don’t have to to all of the backend work, we recommend that you select AWeber as your mailing list provider. They offer affordable, fully featured service that includes double opt-in, autoresponders, signup form templates, unlimited email campaigns/newsletters, email analytics, easy shopping cart integration and expert customer support.

PHPList Hosting Ratings
Host Name Plan Unlimited Uptime Money
Web Host
storage storage storage storage storage storage
Hostgator PHPList Hosting
Visit: Hostgator PHPList Web Hosting


yes yes yes yes yes yes 99.9% 45 Days 5 StarHostgator Review
Justhost PHPList Hosting
Visit: JustHost PHPList Web Hosting
yes yes yes yes yes yes 99.9% Any Time 4.5 StarJustHost Review
Hostmonster PHPList Hosting
Visit: Hostmonster PHPList Web Hosting
yes yes yes yes yes 99.9% 30 Days 4 StarHostmonster Review
BlueHost PHPList Hosting
Visit: Bluehost PHPList Web Hosting
yes yes yes yes 99.9% 30 Days 4 StarBlueHost Review
GreenGeeks PHPList Hosting
Visit: GreenGeeks PHPList Web Hosting
Eco Site
yes yes yes yes yes yes 99.9% 30 Days 4 StarGreenGeeks Review
GlowHost PHPList hosting
Visit: Glowhost PHPList Web Hosting
Budget 5 Star
yes yes yes yes 99.9% 60 Days 3.5 StarGlowHost Review
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What is PHPList?

phplistphplist is an open source PHP autoresponder script and mailing list manager with a MySQL backend. It is great for newsletters, publicity lists, notifications, and many other uses. It is different from group mailing list systems like mailman. This powerful application allows web site administrators to set up a web based newsletter subscription system where users can subscribe to the desired mailing lists.

Email messages can be sent out to a large number of subscribers with HTML or plain text templates for a consistent look and feel. It also allows the email messages being sent out to be personalized with attributes that are unique to each subscriber. The double opt-in subscription mechanism helps prevent you list sending address to be blacklisted as SPAM by ISPs and email services. CAPTCHA integration is also available to help prevent fraudulent sign-ups.

PHPList Features

  • phplist can handle anything from small lists through lists with hundreds of thousands of subscribers.
  • Click tracking tracks links and URLs. Statistics can be viewed by message, URL or subscriber.
  • Multiple subscribe pages allow you to choose many different combinations of templates, languages, user attributes and lists.
  • Open/View tracking tells you how many users opened your email message. This provides a minimum statistic, as many email clients with privacy or security policies block images (Gmail, thunderbird, and others).
  • No duplicate messages. No ‘forgotten’ messages. phplist manages message delivery with a message queue, ensuring that every subscriber gets the email message, and that no subscribers receive two copies, even if they’re subscribed to more than one list.
  • Templates are completely customizable and very easy to use.
  • Multiple templates on different subscribe pages can integrate phplist with several different web sites.
  • Subscriber attributes like “name”, “country” and other personal information are completely customizable. You can specify what information you need to get from users when they subscribe.
  • User Specific Content. You can use subscriber attributes in message content to make each and every email message personalized with the subscribers name, country, or any other attribute.
  • HTML email messages. Subscribers can be given the choice between text or html email messages. You decide whether subscribers can choose, what the default choice is, and what format a message is sent in: text only, html only, or both.
  • phplist is available in English, French, German, Spanish, Portuguese, Traditional Chinese, Dutch, Vietnamese and Japanese and translation work is in progress for other languages.
  • Bounce processing keeps your database clean of unused and non-existent email addresses.
  • Advanced bounce handling let’s you teach phplist to distinguish between permanent and temporary message-delivery errors. You can define automated actions on receipt of bounce messages according to matches with your regular expressions.
  • Attachments can be uploaded and included in messages for download.
  • Batch processing is useful in shared hosting environments. Set the maximum number of sent messages in a given time period.
  • Throttling can limit the load on your server so it doesn’t overload.
  • Domain throttling limits the number of emails to specific domains to keep on the friendly side of their system administrators.
  • Scheduled sending let’s you tell phplist when the message is to be sent.
  • Several systems exist on the Internet that integrate phplist with your favorite CMS or blogging tool.
  • RSS feeds can be automatically sent to a mailing list weekly, daily, or monthly.
  • Send a web page. Tell phplist the URL of a web page you want to send to your users, and phplist will fetch it and send it. You can even put subscriber-specific parameters in the URL.
  • Repetition. A message can be repeated automatically to send updated dynamic content and attachments.
  • Subscriber Preferences. Every email message contains personalized URLs for subscribers to update their preferences or unsubscribe. Subscribers can update their own information and keep your database up to date. Unlike most other mailing list managers, in phplist subscribers can change their email address.
  • PDF messages can be automatically created and sent as attachments to ensure that your message is seen the way it was designed by all your subscribers, regardless of their email message reader.
  • phplist can automatically create a text version of an HTML message.
  • CSV Import and Export. Use CSV and tab delimited files to import your existing list of users or to export the users on the phplist system for use in your in-house database. phplist’s database has a ‘foreign key’ to help keep multiple copies of databases synchronized without duplicating users.



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