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How To Choose The Right Internet Marketing Hosting Service

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Internet Marketing HostingTo have a successful Internet marketing business, you need the right web host. The world of Internet marketing is constantly changing and growing. You need a host that provides the flexibility necessary to keep up with these changes. One of the keys to any profitable website is uptime and capacity. That is, your site essentially needs to be continuously available to your visitors and must be capable of handling all of your traffic.

When starting out in Internet marketing, a shared hosting plan is the right place to begin. The initial investment is low while still providing the necessary features and reliability. This allows you to focus on building your business. As your traffic and profit increases, so will your storage and bandwidth needs.

As your business grows, you will want to take the next step up to VPS hosting. VPS hosting provides more storage space and bandwidth than shared hosting, which translates to more traffic handling capacity. VPS hosting also gives you more control of your hosting environment if you want it.

When your business outgrows VPS hosting, you step up to dedicated server hosting. It provides even more bandwidth and storage along with total control of your hosting environment. For those who want to focus on their business and not server administration (which can be time consuming and sometimes difficult), managed dedicated server hosting is a popular choice. It puts the server administration and configuration in the hands of the experts at your hosting company while still giving you the control and the time you need to dedicate to your Internet marketing business.

What Type of Internet Marketing Will You Do?

Before you set out to choose a web host, you want to have an idea of what kind of Internet marketing you will be performing. As an Internet entrepreneur, there are many different types of Internet marketing you can pursue. Some of those areas include:

  • Affiliate Marketing
  • Information Products
  • Blog Marketing
  • Website Flipping
  • CPA Marketing
  • Video Marketing
  • Pay-per-click (PPC)

Often times, marketers use more than one of these areas combined to get more traffic and increase profits. The host you choose should have the features you need to perform any of the actions included in the list above. Remember, you want the versatility to try any of these methods without worrying about whether your web host can keep up.

Is Shared Hosting Right For You?

Shared HostingTo start, the big question is video. It is an immensely popular marketing medium. The drawback is that video requires the largest amount of storage and the most bandwidth. This is not meant to discourage you from doing it – there is a lot of money to be made in this area. However, if you intend to have a large amount of video on your website, or sell a downloadable video course, you will outgrow your shared hosting faster. If you feel strongly that your site will be popular right out of the gate, it’s advisable to start with a VPS hosting plan. This way you don’t risk being shut down for going over your shared hosting limits.

In general, if you are selling an information product, have a membership site, promote using a few videos or blogs, etc., starting on shared hosting is a good choice. There are some really great unlimited shared hosting plans out there. Remember that even though they say bandwidth and storage are unlimited doesn’t mean there are no other limits. Hosts are able to say this for two reasons. First, they expect most webmasters to use far less than 10 GB of storage and not get much traffic. The few that use more space and get more traffic are the exception and are offset by the majority. Second, there are other limits in place that, while not explicitly limiting bandwidth and storage, serve the same purpose.

If you are doing PPC advertising, CPA marketing, media buys or the like, you will have a lot of landing pages. This will likely require you to have multiple domains. The ability to have multiple domains is one feature that you must have. When shared hosts say unlimited add-on domains, they do mean it. The same is true for unlimited sub-domains, FTP accounts, databases and email. Since those all contribute to bandwidth and storage, there is no need for the host to limit them as the other limits take care of that. You are probably starting to see why you will eventually outgrow your shared host.

You may be thinking, “well, why bother with shared hosting then?” Easy. The sad statistic is that 98% of Internet marketers are not successful and end up throwing in the towel within a year. I truly hope that won’t be you. But either way, you don’t want to shell out $279 a month on a dedicated server hosting account before you are making any money as an Internet marketer. After all, Starbucks didn’t start out as a huge chain of stores – they grew to become one.

A quality shared hosting plan (and VPS or dedicated plans for that matter) will come with a script library. Fantastico is the most popular and is typically included in most cPanel hosting plans. It contains blogs, message boards, customer support chat applications, banner rotators, FAQ’s, photo galleries and more. Chances are you will use at least one of these scripts for your business (the most common is having a WordPress blog). Since most of these applications are written in PHP with a MySQL database back end, you will need support for both languages. You also need to look at any database limitations a potential host may have. If the limit is too low, either in maximum database size or quantity of databases, it could stop you in your tracks.

These same criteria apply when looking for a VPS or dedicated server hosting plan. Though in that case, they should not be hard to meet. As I indicated above, when your business grows into these larger hosting types, the user experience on your end can stay essentially the same because you can continue using cPanel to manage your websites.

What About Email Marketing?

Email MarketingEmail marketing can be an integral part of your Internet marketing business. After all, the saying “the money’s in the list” came about for a reason. To make this a part of your business, you’ll need an email list service. Email list scripts do come with hosting plans, but they’re not robust enough to get the job done right.

Email list services were made specifically to fill this gap. They provide customizable autoresponders, allow you to specify different destination pages for links in your emails, allow you to pre-populate your mailings months in advance, offer double opt-in signups and many more features designed to benefit Internet marketers (that means you!). For more about email marketing hosts, visit our Mailing List Hosting page.

Remember, mailing list services are not web hosts; they only support email lists. If you are looking for a recommendation, we like AWeber. They are simply the best mailing list service we have ever seen. Their interface is easy to use and their prices are reasonable. They have a dedicated support staff ready to help you not only with technical issues, but to develop your list and your business as well. They even give you your first month for one dollar. Visit AWeber to see what we mean.

The Best Internet Marketing Hosting Services

Below are the web hosts we have found to be the best for Internet marketing. There is a top hosting plan for shared hosting, VPS hosting and 3 levels of dedicated server hosting (beginner, mid-range and pro). These hosts offer excellent customer service – a must for Internet marketers since we have to solve problems fast and keep our sites running. They each provide all the necessary features to run your Internet marketing business and expand it easily. Some of those features include:

  • Free script libraries
  • Free PPC advertising credits with major search engines like Google and Yahoo!
  • Unlimited domains, sub-domains, parked domains, FTP accounts, email accounts and databases
  • Powerful and easy to use control panels including usage and traffic statistics
  • 24/7/365 quality customer and technical support
  • Support for all of the major web languages such as PHP, Perl, Python, Ruby, MySQL, JavaScript, XML, CGI and AJAX
  • High-end servers and strong Internet backbone connections for reliable operation and fast website load times
  • Modern and secure data centers with back-up utilities and 24/7/365 proactive server monitoring by live people

Our shared hosting best pick even includes a dedicated IP address, free private SSL certificate and a free toll-free 1-877 or 1-866 number.

The Best Internet Marketing Hosting – Shared
Host Name Plan Unlimited Key Features Rating
Hostgator small business web site hosting
Visit: Hostgator Business Webhosting
yes Storage
yes Bandwidth
yes Domains
yes Email
yes FTP
yes Databases
– 45 Day Money-Back Guarantee
– 99.9% Uptime
– 24/7/365 Support
– Data Backups
– Free Toll-Free Number
– Free Dedicated IP Address
– Free Private SSL Certificate
– $100 Google Adwords Credit
– Free Fantastico Script Library
5 StarHostgator Review
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The Best Internet Marketing Hosting – VPS
Host Name Plan Server Specs Plan Features Rating
IX Webhosting VPS small business web site hosting
Visit: IXHosting
– 50 GB Storage
– 1500 GB Bandwidth
– 768 MB RAM
– 4092 MB Burstable RAM
– 4 Intel Xeon CPU Cores
– cPanel or Plesk Control Panel
– Unlimited Domains
– 2 Dedicated IP’s
– Full Root Access
– Free Shopping Cart
– Unlimited email
– $150 Advertising Credits
5 StarIX WebHosting Review
– Unlimited Domains
– 100 GB Storage
– 2000 GB Bandwidth
– 2048 MB RAM
– 8192 MB Burstable RAM
– 8 Intel Xeon CPU Cores
– cPanel or Plesk Control Panel
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The Best Internet Marketing Hosting – Dedicated Server
Host Name Plan Server Specs Plan Features Rating
Hostgator Business Webhosting
Visit: Hostgator Dedicated Server - Business Webhosting
– 250 GB Storage
– 1500 GB Bandwidth
– 1 GB RAM
– Intel Xeon 1.86GHz Dual Core
– cPanel & WHM Control Panel
– Fully Managed
– 5 Dedicated IP’s
– Free WHMCS or WHM.AutoPilot
– Free Fantastico Script Library
5 StarHostgator Review
Hostgator Business Webhosting
Visit: Hostgator Dedicated Server - Business Webhosting
– 1000 GB Storage
– 2500 GB Bandwidth
– 4 GB RAM
– Intel Xeon 2.4GHz Quad Core
– cPanel & WHM Control Panel
– Fully Managed
– 13 Dedicated IP’s
– Free WHMCS or WHM.AutoPilot
– Free Fantastico Script Library
5 StarHostgator Review
Glowhost Business Webhosting
Visit: Glowhost Dedicated Server - Business Webhosting
Level II
– 750 GB Storage
– 4000 GB Bandwidth
– 6 GB RAM
– 2x Intel Xeon 5520 HT 2.26GHz Quad Core CPUs
– cPanel & WHM Control Panel
– Fully Managed
– 5 Dedicated IP’s
– Free Fantastico Script Library
– Unmanaged Hosting Available
5 StarGlowhost Review
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