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The Best PHP Nuke Hosting

The version of PHP-Nuke currently bundled with the Fantastico auto installer is PHP-Nuke 7.9. If Fantastico is part of your cPanel hosting package, you probably have PHP-Nuke available as a 1-click install. If your cPanel host does not have Fantastico, SimpleScripts or another script bundle, ask them to provide it. If they won’t, you’re most likely not getting your money’s worth and could do better with another web host. Below is our list of the best PHP Nuke hosting available. Additionally, these hosts provide:

  • Support for PHP, Python, Perl, Ruby, CGI, SSI and MySQL
  • .htaccess editing, custom error pages and customizable PHP.ini files
  • Full Third Party Script Support (e.g. WordPress, PHPBB, osCommerce, Photo Gallery, etc.)
  • State-Of-The-Art Data Centers with modern, up to date servers
  • Comprehensive Website Statistics, Password Protected Directories, Hotlink Protection and Website Backups
PHP Nuke Hosting Ratings
Host Name Plan Unlimited Uptime Money
Web Host
storage storage storage storage storage storage
Hostgator PHP Nuke Hosting
Visit: Hostgator PHP Nuke Web Hosting


yes yes yes yes yes yes 99.9% 45 Days 5 StarHostgator Review
IX Webhosting PHP Nuke Hosting
Visit: IXhosting PHP Nuke Web Hosting
Unlimited Pro
yes yes yes yes yes yes 99.9% 30 Days 4.5 StarIX Webhosting Review
GreenGeeks PHP Nuke Hosting
Visit: GreenGeeks PHP Nuke Web Hosting
Eco Site
yes yes yes yes yes yes 99.9% 30 Days 4 StarGreenGeeks Review
GlowHost PHP Nuke hosting
Visit: Glowhost PHP Nuke Web Hosting
Budget 5 Star
yes yes yes yes 99.9% 60 Days 3.5 StarGlowHost Review
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What is PHP Nuke Hosting?

PHP-Nuke is an automated news publishing and content management system allowing webmasters to create community-based portals (websites), in which users and editors can post news items (user-submitted news items are selected by editors) or other types of articles. Registered users can then comment on these articles using a full featured commenting system. The system is fully controlled via web-based administration pages.

PHP-Nuke was originally released under the GNU General Public License as free software however, versions after 7.5 must be purchased. Starting with version 5.6, the display of a copyright message on web pages is required in accordance with the GPL license section 2(c).

PHP-Nuke is written in PHP and uses a MySQL database backend. Server requirements include the commonly used LAMP (Linux, Apache HTTP Server, MySQL, PHP) platform running at least PHP 4.x. It will also run on any Unix version, OS/2, any Windows version, MacOS and FreeBSD, though PHP 4.x is still required in all cases. It will also work with many SQL databases including MySQL (on which it has been highly tested and is most often used), mSQL, PostgreSQL, ODBC, ADABAS, Sybase or InterBase.

One great thing about PHP-Nuke is that you don’t need to know PHP or HTML, or mess around with MySQL databases to use it. Once you learn the user-friendly administration panel’s basic functions, all of the hard work is automated; you don’t have to edit any code.

PHP-Nuke Features / Standard Modules

  • Content: Manages the main content “pages” of the website
  • Downloads: Manages file downloads. It doesn’t actually allow you to upload files, but it stores links to files you upload to your server or links to files on other public servers.
  • Feedback: Allows site visitors to provide feedback to the webmaster. It is an online form, but provides the feedback via email.
  • Forums: Manages discussion forums for the site. It is based on bb2nuke, which is a PHP-Nuke port of the popular open-source phpBB discussion board.
  • FAQ: Manages the Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ) for your site.
  • Advertising: Manages ads on the page layout (theme). Supports images/links, JavaScript/HTML, and flash.
  • Search: Allows users to search your website to find information.
  • Statistics: Displays summary and detailed statistics regarding your site, including the number of page views by visitors.
  • Recommend Us: Form to send an email message recommending your site to others.
  • News: Manages news stories for your site. It supports future-dating news to be released at a specific date and time.
  • Stories (News) Archives: Provides access to older news articles.
  • Submit News: A form to allow visitors to submit a news story to your site. Email notification is sent, but the news submission is stored in your administrator control panel. You can delete, edit, and/or post the article directly to your site without rekeying.
  • Members List: Displays the members of your site.
  • Encyclopedia: A simple module for managing phrases/words and their definitions.
  • Journal: A simple module that allows users to maintain public and/or private notes.
  • Avantgo: Provides mobile version of the last 10 news articles
  • Private Messages: Allows your members to send private messages to you and others on the site. Members can chose to not allow other members to send them private messages.
  • Surveys (Polls): Allows you to create surveys that your visitors can respond to.
  • Top: Displays the top 10 (or other number specified by you) news articles, downloads, etc.
  • Topics: Displays news by topic. As the administrator you define what the topics are for your site and assign news articles to one or more topic. The news module also supports categories, which are similar, but a news article can only be assigned a single category.
  • Web Links: Manages a hierarchical directory of links to various websites of interest to your readers.
  • Your Account: Manages members “profile” information, including their preferred site theme (if you provide more than one), the number of news articles to display on their home page, etc.
  • PHP-Nuke supports many languages and its look and feel can be customized using the Themes system, but drastic changes require knowledge of PHP, HTML and CSS.
  • Even more modules can be added to PHP-Nuke to further expand its features.



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