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The Best Cheap Web Site Hosting

The hosting plans on our list range in regular price from $5.95/mo to $14.99/mo. For internet business owners, this is good news considering your webhost will be the platform on which your business will run. Brick-and mortar businesses wish their rent was this cheap!

For personal sites or blogs, cheap web site hosting is the best solution since it provides what you need at a low price without all the disadvantages of free hosting. What’s even better is many of these hosts often offer special deals that cut the price in half or more. We have seen some of these plans go as low as $3.45/mo (we’re not talking about the small plans either – these are the unlimited plans with all the extras!).

We have organized the list below by regular price per month of each hosting plan. Once you know what your business or personal web hosting needs will be, this list and our comprehensive reviews will give you all of the information you need to select the perfect cheap hosting plan for your blog, business or personal websites.

Cheap Web Site Hosting Ratings
Host Name Plan Unlimited Uptime Money
Web Host
storage storage storage storage storage storage
Justhost Cheap Web Site Hosting
Visit: JustHost cheap Web Hosting
yes yes yes yes yes yes 99.9% Any Time 4.5 StarJustHost Cheap Web Hosting Review
IX Webhosting Cheap Web Hosting
Visit: IX Cheap Web Hosting
yes yes yes yes yes yes 99.9% 30 Days 4.5 StarIX Webhosting Cheap Web Hosting Review
GreenGeeks Cheap Web Hosting
Visit: GreenGeeks Cheap Web Hosting
Eco Site
yes yes yes yes yes yes 99.9% 30 Days 4 StarGreenGeeks Cheap Web Hosting Review
StartLogic Cheap Web Hosting
Visit: StartLogic Cheap Web Hosting
yes yes yes yes yes 99.9% 30 Days 3.5 StarStartLogic Cheap Web Hosting Review
IPOWER Cheap Web Hosting
Visit: IPOWER Cheap Web Hosting
yes yes yes   yes 99.9% 30 Days 3.5 StarIPOWER Cheap Web Hosting Review
Hostmonster Cheap Web Hosting
Visit: Hostmonster Cheap Web Hosting
yes yes yes yes yes 99.9% 30 Days 4 StarHostmonster Cheap Web Hosting Review
BlueHost Cheap Web Hosting
Visit: Bluehost Cheap Web Hosting
yes yes yes yes 99.9% 30 Days 4 StarBlueHost Cheap Web Hosting Review
Hostgator Cheap Web Hosting
Visit: Hostgator Cheap Web Hosting
yes yes yes yes yes yes 99.9% 45 Days 5 StarHostgator Cheap Web Hosting Review
GlowHost Cheap Web hosting
Visit: Glowhost Cheap Web Hosting
Budget 5 Star
yes yes yes yes 99.9% 60 Days 3.5 StarGlowHost Cheap Web Hosting Review
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Need Cheap Web Site Hosting?

Cheam Web Hosting ReviewFinancial considerations are of primary concern to a new business or someone who just wants to start a website. You may want to start small until your new business gets off the ground. You may just want personal pages and a blog that you don’t plan on using for income.

Whatever the reason, there are a number of good cheap hosting plans out there. Web hosting prices have come down over the years and the amount of features and outstanding free applications you get just keeps growing.

What about the old adage, “you get what you pay for?” Though usually true, it does not always apply to cheap hosting. That’s great for you because it means you don’t have to compromise on the support and features you will need. That’s not to say there aren’t lousy cheap hosts out there – if you find $0.99/month hosting, chances are it’s going to be worth about that much. Decent cheap hosting will range from a regular price of $5.95 – $9.99 per month (sometimes with special deals or coupons these companies deeply discount those prices). You don’t need to spend $30 per month to get decent web hosting. Armed with the knowledge from, you will be able to find a great cheap hosting plan.

Before selecting a cheap hosting plan, or any hosting plan for that matter, do take the time to understand what you will be doing with your websites and what tools you will need to support them. The last thing your business needs is to be stuck with cheap hosting that does not provide all the resources required to run your business and make a profit.

Your cheap web host needs to have enough hard drive storage space and monthly bandwidth (also called monthly transfer) to handle your website and the traffic it receives. It also needs to have customer service and technical support that is available and knowledgeable. That goes for personal websites as well.

You want your new host to have all of the blogging applications, shopping cart software, forums, photo gallery scripts and the like so you can get your website going. It’s not good to find out after you sign up for a hosting account that it can’t provide what you need. Having to switch hosts can be a daunting task. All of that hassle may not be worth saving a few dollars a month. You want a host that’s cheap in cost but not cheap in quality.



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