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The Best Anonymous FTP Hosting

The following list of hosts all include Anonymous FTP support as part of their standard hosting plans. This gives you six great hosts to compare based on their full range of features and support without having to trade off Anonymous FTP functionality for another feature. Additionally, these hosts provide:

  • Support for PHP, Python, Perl, Ruby, CGI, SSI and MySQL
  • .htaccess editing, custom error pages and customizable PHP.ini files
  • Full Third Party Script Support (e.g. WordPress, PHPBB, osCommerce, Photo Gallery, etc.)
  • State-Of-The-Art Data Centers with modern, up to date servers
  • Comprehensive Website Statistics, Password Protected Directories, Hotlink Protection and Website Backups
Anonymous FTP Host Ratings
Host Name Plan Unlimited Uptime Money
Web Host
storage storage storage storage storage storage
Visit: Hostgator Web Hosting


yes yes yes yes yes yes 99.9% 45 Days 5 StarWeb Hosting Review
IX Webhosting
Visit: IX Web Hosting
Unlimited Pro
yes yes yes yes yes yes 99.9% 30 Days 4.5 StarWeb Hosting Review
Visit: JustHost Web Hosting
yes yes yes yes yes yes 99.9% Any Time 4.5 StarWeb Hosting Review
Visit: Hostmonster Web Hosting
yes yes yes yes yes 99.9% 30 Days 4 StarWeb Hosting Review
Visit: Bluehost Web Hosting
yes yes yes yes 99.9% 30 Days 4 StarWeb Hosting Review
Visit: GreenGeeks Web Hosting
Eco Site
yes yes yes yes yes yes 99.9% 30 Days 4 StarWeb Hosting Review
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What Is Anonymous FTP Hosting?

Anonymous FTPFile Transfer Protocol (FTP) is a standard network protocol used to exchange and manipulate files over a TCP/IP based network, such as the Internet. FTP is built on a client-server architecture and utilizes separate control and data connections between the client and server applications.

As someone making a website, you would use FTP to upload your pages and content to your webhost. FTP is also often used as an application component to automatically transfer files for program internal functions, such as publishing your website directly from FrontPage or Dreamweaver.

FTP can be used with user-based password authentication or with anonymous user access. User-based password authentication is how you would access your webhosting account via FTP for uploading files (often

A host that provides an FTP service may additionally provide anonymous FTP access. Users typically login to the service with an ‘anonymous’ account when prompted for user name. Although users are commonly asked to send their email address in lieu of a password, little to no verification is actually performed on the supplied data.

As modern FTP clients typically hide the anonymous login process from the user, the FTP client will supply dummy data as the password (since the user’s email address may not be known to the application). Uses for this are public file downloads, such as free eBooks and software, or other applications where public sharing of data is desired without each user needing an account on the server (or your website). FTP typically offers faster file transfer as opposed to HTTP and is preferred when sharing large files with website visitors and clients.



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